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Ice Rink | Outdoor Ice Rink Liners Tarps

/Ice Rink | Outdoor Ice Rink Liners Tarps
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Ice Rink | Outdoor Ice Rink Liners Tarps

Enjoy great winter family fun and excitement with your very own Backyard Ice Skating Rink with Polytarp’s White Reflective Backyard Ice Skating Rink Liner.

When buying an ice rink liner the general rule is to buy minimum an extra 2 feet on width and length, however the taller the boards the longer the length you will need so make sure you measure before ordering. We do not do custom sizing or cutting because that increases the cost to you.

Custom rinks cost more just like anything purchased custom will cost more. We therefore recommend you cut your rink to your liking if it is too big. Furthermore we do not include the lumber or any kits to finish your ice rink as we are a manufacturer of plastics, that’s our expertise, we live, breathe and manufacture 24/7 plastic.

About Polytarp’s 5.5 mil backyard ice rink liners

Polytarp’s 5.5 mil backyard ice rink liners in white are perfect for any backyard or for community recreational use for everyone to use. We been in business manufacturing Polyethylene products for 60 years, our ice rink liners are Canadian made and we have been selling them for 18 years. We have the following sizes available right now:  32’x50, 32’x100, 40’x50’, 40’x100’, 50’x100’, 60’x150’

Call 1-800-606-2231 for competitive pricing

For immediate pricing on any of these sizes call us and help us to find you an Ice rink specialist in your area.


I love skating outside. For me, it’s nostalgic. It reminds me of my youth. It is an activity that brings together the entire family. So, this year, I installed a skating rink in my backyard with polythene rugs made by Polytarp. An outdoor skating rink can change the habits of a lifetime. Skating outdoors whether with a family, a friend, or even alone, can make all the difference on a state of mind. Skating can both improve your balance, your coordination, in addition to being an easy sport on the joints. This exercise works several muscles that are not used to being used in everyday life. Particularly, the muscles around the waist, those near the knees as well as those at the ankles. Practicing this activity regularly will increase the strength and power of your legs to help your body maintain a good balance. Not to forget, that this hardening will be benifique to you in all other activities daily or sports.

Outdoor Ice Rink Liners Tarps FAQ

How long does it take to set it up? 2016-12-28T19:33:18+00:00

A smaller rink typically takes 1 hour for 2 adults, for larger rinks it can take up to 3 hours with 2 adults.

Will my grass be damaged by the rink? 2016-12-28T19:33:03+00:00

No, your grass will not be damaged by the rink. This is a very common question, and the fact is that the rink will have no impact on your grass as long as you remove the Rink Liner in the spring when the snow has melted.

Do I use cold or hot water? 2016-12-28T19:32:01+00:00

The cold water helps to make the base of the ice, hot water makes a more solid and smooth surface, hot water should be used as the last layers of ice.

Do I need a very large yard to enjoy a good rink? 2016-12-28T19:29:50+00:00

No you do not! We have a several selection of small rink liners for those on a limited space. The only real differences between large and small arenas is the number of skaters that they can accommodate at one time. Also the ability to use it for sports will be limited for the smaller rinks.

What is the best time to install my ice rink liner? 2016-12-28T19:03:49+00:00

Anytime after reaching 0ºC or colder is the best time to install ice rink liner. The colder the faster the ice rink freezes and sooner you can you enjoy your ice rink.