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Box Liners | Food Safe Packaging

/Box Liners | Food Safe Packaging

Box Liners | Food Safe Packaging

Many products and goods are shipped and stored in corrugated boxes. These boxes do require a plastic liner to prevent product spillage or to protect contents from outside moisture. Some examples of products that meet agriculture food contact standards need a box liner include frozen foods such as meat, poultry, fruits, vegetables, food ingredients, bakery products, and semi-liquids.

Our box liners meet FSSC 22000 Food Safety Certified for food contact, so you can use these liners to ship any meat or poultry. Our liners are also leak proof if required, and are regularly tested daily during manufacturing to ensure the highest quality. These bags come custom made in virtually any size and shape to your liking. Our unique manufacturing plant can also customize the color of the bags in either clear, red, blue, green, etc… with any percentage opacity. With us you have luxury of choice with the many polymers that are used during manufacturing food bags, by changing polymers we can control stiffness, clarity, puncture resistence, etc…. Finally, our box liners guarantee product protection from dirt and dust. We have warehousing across Canada and will deliver direct or with a network of preferred distributors.

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