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Compare and Discover the Benefits of Flow Wrap Film

Our Flow wrap film is used to over wrap Meat Processing, Poultry processing, Case Ready Packaging, Ground Beef, Steaks, Chops, Roasts, and Abattoir. We also package Spices, food ingredients, bakery products and semi-liquids.  Ideally suited for fresh produce, fruit, bakery and many other demanding applications in roll sheet format. The perfect flow wrapping solution. We are committed to helping you find the best flow wrapping for any application. Our Flow Wrap Film is Specifically designed to be User-Friendly for both your Company and your Employees.

The perfect flow wrapping solution for your product…

  • A very High Heat Resistance allows for increases in Seal Temperatures without the film burning. Higher Heat Sealing Temperatures means significantly Shorter Heat Dwell Times and noticeably faster machine line speeds. In Summary, a Higher and More Efficient Rate of Production.
  • Barrier Properties Exceed all of the requirements set by the Large Grocery Chains.
  • Wide seal window to reduce leakers caused by Set-Up errors.
  • Our film is User Friendly for Horizontal Form Fill and Seal (HFFS) machine operators. Designed to work at a wide range of temperatures with less jamming and costly Scrap.
  • Product is designed to withstand the cold refrigerated environment to prevent cold cracking.
  • Proven to be able to run on the Widest Width HFFS machines.
  • Well recognized by leading manufacturers of HFFS machines such as Harpack/Ulma and Omori.
  • Specific engineering for HFFS machines means no problems like product jamming in the machines, or “gumming up”, thus saving machine downtime.
  • Strong Structure with an Excellent Resistance to Punctures and Tears.
  • Superior Clarity allowing for easy product identification and scanning through the overwrap.
  • Our film has one of the Best Thickness Uniformities (gauge) in the market. The uniform thickness variation makes our film the Best Quality Film with Consistent Barrier and Physical Properties.
  • Once the Temperature is Set, it is Set!! Even with changes in Atmospheric Conditions (such as humidity, temperature, altitude), our Wide Tolerance Material will continue to be User Friendly.

Produced in North America, Puncture resistance, stiffness, High clarity. Dirt and dust, at any percentage opacity.

Flow Wrappers for Food & Non-Food Packaging | Advanced Packaging Solutions to Protect Throughout Your Product’s Life

Flow Wrapping Solutions

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