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Ice Rink | Outdoor Ice Rink Liners Tarps

/Ice Rink | Outdoor Ice Rink Liners Tarps

Ice Rink | Outdoor Ice Rink Liners Tarps

Enjoy great winter family fun and excitement with your very own Backyard Ice Skating Rink with Polytarp’s White Reflective Backyard Ice Skating Rink Liner.

Whether your kids are just learning to skate, you’re planning a New Year’s Eve skating party or just want to sharpen your hockey and skating skills, having your very own Backyard Ice Skating Rink will provide hours of endless healthy enjoyment and save you time and money travelling to local arenas.

Parents will appreciate the convenience and peace of mind knowing their children are safely skating in their very own backyard instead of worrying about potentially unsafe lakes, ponds, roads or dropping the kids off at unsupervised community outdoor rinks.

Polytarp offers a wide selection of White Reflective Ice Rink Liners ranging from 20’ to 60’ (6.1-18.3 metres) wide. No yard is too small to build your very own rink.

Plan early and speak to your local building supply store for all your lumber, fasteners & tools needed to build your backyard memories. There are many excellent how-to videos available on the internet that can guide you through the construction process.

From first ice once the weather turns cold to your last skate in early Spring, the white reflective top layer of our Ice Rink Poly will extend the skating season.

Become a proud hockey Mom or Dad with your Polytarp Backyard Ice Skating Rink today!